Putin Hits Ukraine With ‘Truly Massive’ Aerial Barrage

Russia launched hypersonic missiles, Iranian drones and nearly every other sort of projectile in its arsenal at Ukraine on Thursday, in a furious attempt to evade the country's air defense systems. The volley killed at least nine, wounded scores and left countless people in the dark. Out of more than 80 missiles fired, a half-dozen were Vladimir Putin's hypersonic "Daggers," the most the Kremlin has used in any single attack since the onset of the war. "I don't remember so many Kinzhals fired

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6 thoughts on “Putin Hits Ukraine With ‘Truly Massive’ Aerial Barrage

  1. I still have relatives who believe this is all NATO’s fault. Those relatives also believe a lot BS, like the Earth is 5000 years old, General Relativity is a scam, and Orban is the great hope of Democracy… Sitting here, safe for now, these times make me realize just how little I matter, and how powerless the powerless are. Playthings to the billionaire sociopaths who think they are immune from falling down the stairs and ‘accidentally’ drowning in their bathtubs much like Cicero and the ‘Good Men’. I’m reading Mary Beard’s SPQR, and again realize history only really remembers the sociopaths. Everyone else is bones and dust.

    1. Psychopaths, not sociopaths. Everyone always gets those two backwards because “sociopath” sounds like the high-functioning one. Sociopaths have no emotional or impulse control. They’re the ones who will beat you half to death in a bar for jogging their elbow and making them spill their drink. Sociopaths fill up the violent offender wards of prisons the world over.

      Psychopaths are lacking in empathy, and they make excellent lawyers, CEOs, politicians, and serial killers.

  2. Thanks for the dose of reality while wallstreet attempts to dodge the inevitable medicine for inflation. American problems < Ukrainian problems

    I wonder how long I’ll have to wait for a Putin apologist to blame these missile deaths on Biden? (1984?)

  3. It is revealing that Putin’s allies are Iran, North Korea and China. India is no one’s ally. The key is to up the pressure on Putin. Transnistria, Crimea, and Kalliningrad have to be be blockaded. Iran needs to no we will let Israel loose, and China nees a true set of bonecrushing ssanctions… we need to paint Putin into a corner, because losing to him is just as dangerous as defeating him….

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