US Believes ‘Pro-Ukrainian Group’ Behind Nord Stream Explosions

Now it was an unnamed "pro-Ukrainian group." The unsolved mystery of sabotage on the Nord Stream took yet another turn for the suspiciously inconclusive on Tuesday, when US officials said new intelligence suggests the attacks, which engendered bitter finger-pointing and spawned innumerable conspiracy theories, were likely carried out by anti-Kremlin elements acting independently. To briefly recapitulate, the links were hit by a series of suspected detonations in September. The US and its allie

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2 thoughts on “US Believes ‘Pro-Ukrainian Group’ Behind Nord Stream Explosions

  1. Hersh’s account was rapidly discredited.

    In brief, he wrote that the pipelines were destroyed in a joint US-Norway operation, in which charges were planted by US Navy divers operating from a particular Norwegian naval ship during a certain time period, and then triggered by sonobuoys dropped from a particular type of Norwegian maritime patrol aircraft shortly before the explosions, all during and under the cover of a particular joint naval exercise conducted in the Baltic sea in mid 2022.

    It was determined (by civilian, non-affiliated analysts) that the named Norwegian ship did not participate in the exercise, and that Norway’s other ships of that type were either not involved in the exercise or were not in the correct region at the relevant time period (naval vessels are continuously tracked, in peacetime, much as military aircraft operate their transponders in peacetime – for navigational safety reasons), and that Norway had no operational maritime aircraft of that type in 2022.

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