Avenging Fallen Comrades

China's foreign ministry isn't sure the US possesses the "sincerity and capability to properly handle crises and stabilize relations." That's according to spokesman Wang Wenbin, who on Thursday again excoriated the Biden administration for executing a Chinese balloon national. Washington, Wang suggested, should avoid additional escalations around what he described as an "unexpected, isolated incident." For what it's worth, there may be something to China's claims that its fallen airship lost i

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5 thoughts on “Avenging Fallen Comrades

  1. “For what it’s worth, there may be something to China’s claims that its fallen airship lost its way”-

    If that is true and China really wants to be a responsible member of the global leadership, all China had to do was telephone Biden and say “Hey, we lost control of a weather balloon and it is headed your way. What shall we do about this situation?”

      1. Whataboutism? Emptynester actually has stumbled on an important Chinese cultural characteristic. “What about Biden” is a different thread. Why the Chinese are unable to say, “Whoops, my bad,” is a whole ‘nother day’s worth of anecdotes.

  2. I still don’t understand the UFO balloon “flap” (as we used to call this kind of idiocy. Who in their right mind thinks an unpowered balloon of any kind from anywhere is a major danger? Seriously? First, eventually any balloon without power and the ability to control it will rise into the atmosphere, grow larger and pop of its own accord. Second, with no directional control and no power how can the sender expect to put such an object in a location to get real seeky intel? Come on. What I see now is an “all pigs to the trough” meme where everyone who wants to count for something is snorting to get in front of the other little piggies to get the most clicks. Me, I’ll vote for the person who sat quietly while his colleagues made fools of themselves. Everyone needs to chill their jets and go to Netflix and watch Dr. Strangelove again. After all we don’t want to find ourselves on the short end of a weather/spy balloon gap.

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