Goldman Says Scope For Additional Stock Gains ‘Limited’ After Rally

Goldman is raising their near-term S&P target. Or perhaps it's more apt to say they're marking it to market. With the benchmark hovering above 4,100 even after Friday's swoon, 3,600 (David Kostin's old three-month target) might've been stale, so he raised it to 4,000. It wasn't an endorsement of the rally, though. The bank's year-end target, also 4,000, was unchanged. Earnings season in the US hasn't been a disaster. But it hasn't been great by any stretch either. All in all, results are o

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2 thoughts on “Goldman Says Scope For Additional Stock Gains ‘Limited’ After Rally

  1. H: can you see “the balloon” out of your kitchen window?
    With regard to the market, I won’t be surprised by anything. Until our elected leaders starts to address some longstanding issues- it seems we are destined for chaos.

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