What One Popular Strategist Sees For 2023

I've said it before, and there's no telling how many more times I'll say it before year-end: 2023 will almost surely be kinder to investors than 2022. That's not (necessarily) a constructive assessment, and it's certainly not a bullish forecast. It's just to say that this year was singularly terrible for almost every asset class, which means the bar to clear for a better year has almost never been lower. With the (almost sole) exception of commodities, 2022 was a veritable bloodbath. The losse
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One thought on “What One Popular Strategist Sees For 2023

  1. The S&P is down 14%+ since 1/1. My portfolio is 65% fixed income of moderate duration with a heavy emphasis on munis (all IG), treasuries and CEFs. I have 10% in cash and the rest is in equities, although the equities include REITs, BDCs and a few equity funds. The rest is in blue chip common stocks. For the year I am down 8.4%, roughly 60% of the downdraft in the S&P. Probably this is just lucky, but the market changes I see in the charts have not hit me nearly as hard, and my distribution income is up 10% YoY.

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