Meanwhile, Canada Sacrifices Housing Bubble To Curb Inflation

The Bank of Canada escalated its battle with inflation Wednesday, raising rates by another 75bps. The move followed a 100bps cannon shot in July, and helped cement the BoC as a particularly hawkish bunch in a world full of hawks, even as some were keen to cite an allusion to the lagged effects of policy tightening as evidence that "the end is in sight." I doubt seriously that's the BoC's preferred interpretation of the September statement. In July, the bank delivered a stark (and very explicit

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One thought on “Meanwhile, Canada Sacrifices Housing Bubble To Curb Inflation

  1. I am not sure if this was finalized- but in some areas, i.e. Vancouver, rules were put in place to significantly limit the ability for foreigners to purchase Canadian real estate.
    In addition, the CCP is making it increasingly more difficult for the Chinese to get money out of China.

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