Cash And Commodities Reign As ‘Everything Bubble’ Implodes

Cash And Commodities Reign As ‘Everything Bubble’ Implodes

Cash is trash. Just ask Ray Dalio, he'll tell you. That's one of his favorite clichés. Or "principles," as it were. But one man's trash is everyone else's treasure in 2022, a year so far defined by some of the worst returns for stocks, bonds and credit in history. And not just modern history, either. All history. Although it depends on how you measure and, in some cases, your affinity for arcana and extrapolation, you can make the case, however tenuous, that the first half of this year was th
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3 thoughts on “Cash And Commodities Reign As ‘Everything Bubble’ Implodes

  1. As the Euro weakens/dollar strengthens….will the FED be forced to reduce rate hikes to prevent the dollar from strengthening beyond parity with Euro ?? The FED can’t really increase the money supply (print more dollars) to prevent dollar from getting too strong, because that would stoke inflation??

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