Between The Lines

Longer-term inflation expectations are rising, and the Fed can't afford to be complacent about it. That's according to Loretta Mester who told CNBC that policymakers' "job one" is fighting inflation. "That's coloring how consumers are feeling about the economy and where it's going," she added. Consumers, you're reminded, have adopted a decidedly grim outlook. A gauge of expectations in the Conference Board's survey dropped to a decade low this month, and University of Michigan sentiment has ne
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6 thoughts on “Between The Lines

  1. Sorry, but I cannot give some Fed govs an easy pass here. Giving a cloudy response to questions is nothing new nor inherently evil. But grandstanding for attention, as two govs are doing, is something much different.

    One is obviously jockeying for the chairmanship in a DeSantis administration.

    1. I’m sorry, but no, Loretta Mester isn’t a nefarious actor angling to assist president DeSantis in ushering in an autocracy. Loretta Mester is just Loretta Mester. I have a long list of worries vis-a-vis America. Loretta Mester isn’t on that list.

      1. I think Derek might be referencing Bullard. The Fed is tightening as they should be- the question is will they be sensitive enough to engineer a mild slowdown or mild recession or will they blow it and tighten us into a rather ugly downturn. TIghtening by 75 at a clip suggests ugly, but if they are smart they will downshift to smaller incremental changes and read the tea leaves. The economy is at an inflection point- and inflation fighting will shortly be the last war, in my view.

  2. If China invades Taiwan we’ll be on a war footing. All the American businesses that moved to China will have to restart again in America and write off their Chinese investments. There’ll be no shortage of jobs. And once all the plants are up and running there won’t be any backlog to unload ships at the ports. Yes, all hell will break out …

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