Breaking The Bank Of Japan? It Won’t Be Easy

Breaking The Bank Of Japan? It Won’t Be Easy

"It's not appropriate to tighten policy now." That quote, from Haruhiko Kuroda, summarizes Friday's uneventful Bank of Japan meeting. Headed in, the gathering was dramatized such that you could've easily believed it was more consequential than the June Fed meeting. Although it didn't live up to the billing, the hype was, in fact, warranted. Speculation about the sustainability of the bank's yield-curve control regime reached a fever pitch this week. Upward pressure on global bond yields has fo
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2 thoughts on “Breaking The Bank Of Japan? It Won’t Be Easy

  1. You are spot on 100% correct. The Japanese will change policy when they measure it is in their best interest. Not earlier. Since they have 30 years of deflation/very low inflation, they are understandably not in a hurry. And a weaker yen, if it is orderly is not really an issue either- Japan is still export led. As you correctly point out that could change when it makes sense to the BOJ.

  2. I don’t understand how the Japanese economy can not have inflation when they have to import basically all the raw materials and oil, and surely they must be having the same supply chain problems as the rest of the world, do they manipulate the numbers better than the rest of the worlds developed market?

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