Billions At Stake As Bored Ape Battles Crypto Bear

Billions At Stake As Bored Ape Battles Crypto Bear

I've welcomed quite a few new readers this year, and particularly over the past few months. For those folks, I want to emphasize that I don't normally pen consecutive articles about crypto. This isn't a crypto-focused site. However, recent developments, including and especially the implosion of the Terra ecosystem tokens, spilled over into equity market sentiment at a delicate juncture and that made the discussion not only relevant for "regular" market participants, but in fact obligatory. Mor
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4 thoughts on “Billions At Stake As Bored Ape Battles Crypto Bear

  1. Something tells me I will circle back to this post when the only thing left is digital “dust” and I am trying to quantify (or recall) the lunacy.

  2. What are people doing? I have a nice collection of original, one-of-a-kind Warner Bros cartoon cels from Bugs, Road Runner and other cartoons from that era. All are in primo condition and cost me $150-$400. Not worth much more than that now, I suspect. Glad I didn’t pay 450k each with the risk I won’t even be able see them in 20 years if the format doesn’t last.

    Art is a tough market. Sure, the first buyer of Warhol’s Marilyn, if still around, didn’t expect s/he was the proud owner of a $40 mil. chunk of art. But folks who started collecting Robert Indiana’s LOVE pictures never expected there would be many thousands of them and their popularity would never protect their prices. Fifty years ago my dad fell in love with a seascape painter from Maine. The artist only worked in oil and his pictures were lush and beautiful with great ornate frames. When he died dad left behind seven of these things. I have one, my daughter has a couple, etc. The thing is I went to check on the guy on the web to see what my inheritance might be worth. Trouble is, the guy’s still alive in his mid-nineties and still cranking out these beautiful seascapes. They sell on the web for $250-$750, sold by size. Whoops.

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