A Recession. Just Not Today

A Recession. Just Not Today

In the week ahead, traders and investors will scrutinize results from a bevy of big-name retailers. The stakes are high. Another spate of guidedowns like those seen last week would add to concerns about the vitality of the US consumer, who's struggling under the weight of generationally high inflation. The world's largest economy lives and dies by consumption. If retail earnings do, in fact, suggest a "real-time downshift" is afoot (as one strategist put it last week), analysts will need to re
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One thought on “A Recession. Just Not Today

  1. The idea of an equity rally being antithetical to the fed’s goals of tightening financial conditions has been discussed at length. Wouldn’t a duration rally also loosen financial conditions? Would the fed want mortgage rates or credit conditions to start dropping/loosening?

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