Stocks ‘Nowhere Near The Bottom’ With Panic Absent

Stocks ‘Nowhere Near The Bottom’ With Panic Absent

"We're nowhere near the bottom," someone quoted by a mainstream financial media outlet said Friday, as US equities struggled through the final session of another difficult week. I can't find the quote, or I'd attribute it. I scrawled it on a legal pad I keep next to my keyboard. If that pad could talk, it'd tell you what I plan to publish over the next 48 hours, when I might finally add an autobiographical fiction section to the site, what kinds of cheese I need to restock and also some ideas a
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4 thoughts on “Stocks ‘Nowhere Near The Bottom’ With Panic Absent

  1. “But apoplectic isn’t the same as panicked. Being angry and incredulous isn’t tantamount to being scared, and generally speaking, you need panic to set in before it’s possible to call a bottom.”

    I think you’ve hit on something here. I’m not seeing panic, at least in my small world of investors I know. Some are digging in-holding what they have willing to “ride it out.” Others are looking for opportunities. Some are angry, “Another s%^t day in the red again!”

    So the moods range from tenacious to cautiously opportunistic to frustrated and angry. I certainly don’t see any panic.

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