The Illusion Of A Stock ‘Market’

The Illusion Of A Stock ‘Market’

So far, 2022 is a macro tragicomedy. I've long suspected my penchant for describing various socioeconomic-market conjunctures as "fraught" would one day leave me bereft when things really took a turn for the worst. In 2020, when an existential public health crisis triggered the first real depression (with a "d") most living people in advanced economies have ever witnessed, I figured I could safely describe the situation as "hopelessly fraught" without having to worry about wasting hyperbole I m
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3 thoughts on “The Illusion Of A Stock ‘Market’

  1. What stands out as fallout from the last two years, is the ongoing shockwaves of global quantitative easing and the ongoing uncertainty related to the concepts of recovery.

    The global QE flood that was necessary is now not unlike a tsunami trapped behind a damn that’s increasingly unstable.

    I’d like to believe the Fed’s quantum computer is modeling a Red Adair fix, where they’re shaping a financial explosion that sucks the oxygen out of inflation. Unfortunately, I have this crappy feeling that our Deep Water Horizon economy is so screwed up that instead of patching holes, they take trumps advice on using nukes to stop hurricanes. It’s that bad!

    Prices increased sharply during the quarter, with the GDP price index deflator rising 8%, following a 7.1% jump in Q4.

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