Germany Is Asking Itself The Wrong Questions

We're probably asking the wrong questions about the German economy. Since the onset of hostilities in Ukraine in late February, economists, analysts and every pundit with a platform was keen to insist that a complete embargo on Russian energy was a nonstarter in Berlin -- an economic death sentence. Although there are other holdouts, Berlin's reluctance to countenance an import ban is the main hurdle for a bloc-wide embargo. There's no guarantee a deal could be struck even with Olaf Scholz's b

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3 thoughts on “Germany Is Asking Itself The Wrong Questions

  1. It is important for the US, UK, France, and other allied countries to share the economic blow with Germany. If Putin were to attack Germany all of NATO would be obligated to share in the defense. This is similar.

  2. i would say, Putin’s goal is to turn Ukraine is a huge, 40-million, Palestine that would be a constant pain to EU. Just like LNR/DNR (where he forcibly drafts recruits as cannon fodder) have been a constant pain to Ukraine. can anyone put a price tag on that?

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