Revenge Of The Meme Stock Mania

Late last week, Goldman noted that retail investor activity was picking back up, with animal spirits stirring anew in some "prototypical meme" names, as David Kostin put it. A few sessions later, GameStop and AMC had to be halted for volatility just nine minutes into the cash session. Both names subsequently embarked on a wild ride, punctuating a multi-day surge that found a Bloomberg basket of meme stocks rising for five straight sessions on huge volume. The figure (below) is comical, assumin

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7 thoughts on “Revenge Of The Meme Stock Mania

  1. Citadel et al are alrady laughing their butts off.
    Without the volume and direction of cash markets, bid/ask spreads will be 10 times wider over the weekend.
    Robinhoods’ orderflow just became even more valuable!

  2. Although I enjoy watching the X Games (extreme sports), I have no desire to try anything so foolish. I do, however, always hope those snowboarders don’t break their necks while attempting to be the next Shaun White.
    We now have “X trading”, as in extreme trading.

  3. A friend of mine was thinking of selling naked puts on both Amazon and Google during the last dip. I’m glad I talked him out of that one! Crazy! However, the same friend is killing it on SPY 440 Sept Calls he bought at around the same time.

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