Inflation Goes From ‘Nonissue’ To National Obsession In Six Months

A gauge of US consumer confidence improved in March despite -- and I don't know how else to put this -- a demonstrable lack of confidence among US consumers. The Conference Board's gauge printed an above-consensus 107.2, up from a downwardly-revised 105.7 in February (figure below). Lynn Franco, Senior Director of Economic Indicators at The Conference Board, cited "strong employment growth" in a press release explaining the resilient headline index. The labor differential touched a new record

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3 thoughts on “Inflation Goes From ‘Nonissue’ To National Obsession In Six Months

  1. Here’s some thoughts from Swiss national bank on inflation:

    “However, the global level of interest rates is likely to remain low, Zurbruegg said, dampened by demographics, inequality and a strong demand for safe assets.

    “Monetary policy has no influence over these factors. Even more importantly, the focus of monetary policy is price stability and economic developments, and not curbing financial system vulnerabilities,” he said.”

  2. Sharks always circle back around to GDP growth or decline. Trump had weak results and it was obvious back in the fake election that Sleeping Joe was going to take the fragile global pandemic on a rocketship of astronomical growth. The GDP decline has been in the works for two decades and “if” trump is allowed the privilege to become our dictator, he isn’t likely to do anything useful, in Making America Great Once Again.

    Anyway, here’s a comment from some random dude, which isn’t me:

    “Higher inflation could bring more capital to real estate because the asset class is viewed as an inflation hedge, but PREA research shows that GDP growth is far more important to real estate than inflation, Mr. MacKinnon said.”

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