Putin Puts Russian Stock Market On Path To Total Obscurity

Vladimir Putin managed to reopen the Russian stock market. Sort of. 33 out of 50 stocks on the Moscow Exchange were allowed to trade for four hours Thursday, but price discovery is basically illegal. Short selling is banned and foreigners aren't allowed to exit positions. Russia's SWF, the National Wellbeing Fund, was set to spend as much as $10 billion in an effort to prevent a crash, a re-run of a $7 billion plunge protection scheme deployed in 2008. It's not, as one Dubai-based strategist
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5 thoughts on “Putin Puts Russian Stock Market On Path To Total Obscurity

  1. Putin, like trump enjoy 3D chess games, while the rest of us ponder and toy with the rudimentary perplexity of checkers.

    Almost no being on Earth has the capacity to think above and beyond AI supercomputing capabilities, yet here we are witnessing the expansive creative output of what trump recently screamed as being genius. It’s axiomatic. What possibly can go wrong?

    Reinventing the Russian stock market and economy, all in the span of two months is breathtaking in a COPD way. While some may be confused as to what shape this nonlinear event will form into, most of us will accept that this is simply an extension of quantum mechanics, and say no more.

    “Solitons are also studied in quantum mechanics, thanks to the fact that they could provide a new foundation of it through de Broglie’s unfinished program, known as “Double solution theory” or “Nonlinear wave mechanics”. This theory, developed by de Broglie in 1927 and revived in the 1950s, is the natural continuation of his ideas developed between 1923 and 1926, which extended the wave-particle duality introduced by Albert Einstein for the light quanta, to all the particles of matter.”

  2. A 4.4% gain of $8 billion is thin gruel after losing 33% of their wealth in February. Tears for the kleptocrats … I hope the Russians have been paying Tucker Carlson in Russian shares. In which case, tears for the Tucker too …

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