Is The US Headed For A ‘Transitory’ Recession?

Is The US Headed For A ‘Transitory’ Recession?

Mercifully, US jobless claims retreated in the week to January 22, snapping a streak of increases that suggested labor market momentum might be waning at precisely the wrong time (not that there's ever a "right" time for the labor market to roll over, but now is a particularly delicate juncture). Claims fell 30,000 (figure on the left, below) from the prior week's upwardly-revised level which, you might recall, was already the highest since October. At 260,000, the latest headline print was be
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2 thoughts on “Is The US Headed For A ‘Transitory’ Recession?

  1. H-Man, my adult children and grand kids are ready to hit the road when the Omicron green light turns on. I think that kind of movement and spending will surprise a lot of people.

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