New Home Sales Surge, Median Price Drops Most Ever

New home sales were higher than expected in December, data out Wednesday suggested. It was a welcome development at a somewhat awkward juncture for the US housing market. Although the rate of price appreciation has slowed at the margins, the latest read on the Case-Shiller gauges showed the 20-City index rose 18.3% YoY in November, more than anticipated. The national gauge posted an 18.81% advance (figure below). "All 20 cities saw price increases in the year ended November 2021, and prices

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One thought on “New Home Sales Surge, Median Price Drops Most Ever

  1. PE “investors” in our housing markets is one “boil” I’d love to see lanced. I’ve mentioned as much in my various ‘representatives’ “contact-us” options. The way Obama over reacted to the normal functioning of the ancient ‘market’ for human shelter, immediately after the banksters laid waste to it, by opening the door to the PE gangsters never sat right with me. The stain on his memory it left only grows.

    Who was the only guy the giant human-cheeto for a POTUS never dared to rebuke, at least, as best as can remember? Where did this golden boy reap his loot?

    Time to go. The Great One is about to speaketh! Verily regale us!

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