Inflation Kneecaps Sentiment As Faith In Policies Crumbles

Inflation Kneecaps Sentiment As Faith In Policies Crumbles

Consumer sentiment deteriorated in early January as inflation worries proliferated and Omicron cases surged. The preliminary read on University of Michigan's gauge for this month was 68.8, below consensus and the second lowest print in a decade (figure below). "The Sentiment Index has averaged just 70.3 in the past six months, whereas in the first six months of 2021 it averaged 82.9," survey chief economist Richard Curtin said Friday. Both the expectations and current conditions gauges fell
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4 thoughts on “Inflation Kneecaps Sentiment As Faith In Policies Crumbles

  1. (just posted this comment in previous article but it fits better here so reposting thanks)

    I’m thinking another huge team Biden blunder was renominating Powell to head the Fed…Biden had a opportunity to tie Powell to Trump and have a political scapegoat for Inflation because of the overzealous and inordinate market monetary accommodation that helped contribute to the inflation equation, as well as massive wealth disparities among the populace, …see today’s gods in space…

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