Dot-Com Echoes As Rich Stocks Meet Fed Hawks

Dot-Com Echoes As Rich Stocks Meet Fed Hawks

Constructive views remained constructive Monday and those known for occasionally adopting a cautious cadence did just that amid questions around equities' capacity to cope with rapidly rising real yields. "Valuations are likely to come down more before we're through with this correction," Morgan Stanely's Mike Wilson suggested, while JPMorgan's Mislav Matejka expounded on sentiments expressed here over the weekend. In "Rates Tantrum Pulls 'Year-End' Forward By 51 Weeks," I wrote that "it seems
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3 thoughts on “Dot-Com Echoes As Rich Stocks Meet Fed Hawks

  1. Strictly anecdotal – but among our wealthy client base, large cash holdings are earmarked for real estate purchases, not waiting to be put back into stocks.

  2. There is a “feedback loop” story unfolding here- just don’t know how long it will take for such cycle to complete the loop.
    Equities are high, covid effects dwindling, inflation high (starting point on the loop)
    Fed threats to tighten
    Everything moves a little too close to the edge of the cliff to be comfortable. Oh no!! (point of feedback)
    Fed backs off (moving thru the loop)
    Equities resume (looped)

  3. So the lower income people who are being harmed by inflation will, instead, be harmed by higher rates on credit cards and any other loans.
    The government is determined to keep them in the slave pits, one way or another.

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