Markets felt comatose Thursday. Within whatever scant coverage you managed to run across, there was a bull market in the word "mixed." With no viable competitors, Omicron continued to monopolize headlines. A South African study suggested two doses of J&J's vaccine cut hospitalizations by as much as 85%. "After adjusting for confounders, we observed that VE for hospitalization increased over time since booster dose, from 63% to 84% and then 85%, 0-13 days, 14-27 days and 1-2 months post-boos

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8 thoughts on “Comatose

  1. H-Man, my oldest son — a tad north of 50 — came down with the virus this week. He is vaxxed and boosted—- described his condition as a bad case of allergies— runny nose, scratchy throat, no fever, no aches. If not for the test, he said he would have chalked it up to allergies. Meanwhile his significant other, who was not vaxxed, is suffering immensely — high fevers, lung congestion, headaches from hell and oxygen levels are dropping as I write. Appears to be a tale of two variants depending on your vax status.

  2. H-Man, as a post script — according to her Florida hospital, she can’t be admitted until the oxygen levels drop between 82 and 87. A reading of 89 to 90 doesn’t warrant admission. Rather macabre to root for falling oxygen levels in order to be treated and this is with a heart condition that renders her disabled according to the federal government.

  3. Seconded.

    And hopefully she will get around to getting the shot, considering that an underlying heart condition probably makes her a higher-risk patient than the average person.

    Fingers crossed and best wishes!

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