Germany’s State Of Exception

Someone, somewhere is aggrieved. Germany on Thursday agreed to institute sweeping restrictions on the unvaccinated in an effort to put the brakes on the country's latest COVID wave. Incoming chancellor Olaf Scholz issued what he called a "personal appeal" to those who haven't yet received a shot. "Those who have not been vaccinated must do so," he said. Angela Merkel called the situation "very serious." Her consultations with state officials will likely be her last as chancellor. The meeting

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5 thoughts on “Germany’s State Of Exception

  1. So how does this game of chicken with the anti-vaxxer’s ever really end? Rounding up herds of citizens and quarantining them off from the rest of society? Not a good look anywhere, but especially not in Germany…! Seems like they can pass all the laws they want, but 70% is the best you’ll ever do.

    Again, lots of shots in our future…

  2. Insurance may be the answer. Private companies, (see Hobby Lobby decision) could mandate vaccination for full coverage. Auto insurance is on this type of system, drive like an a##hole, pay more

    Right now, at my employer, religious exemptions are running 6.5%. Let’s see if this new religion believes in tithing an extra 10% of their paychecks to Blue Cross

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