War Games And Vaccine Agitprop

War Games And Vaccine Agitprop

Some market participants may be concerned, but it isn't likely that new containment measures tied to COVID will induce a serious pullback in equities. That's according to JPMorgan's Mislav Matejka. The bank's target for European shares is unchanged amid more aggressive efforts to halt the virus's latest advance, including Austria's national lockdown and vaccine mandate. The latest wave "is unlikely to be a material, or sustained, problem," Matejka said. That, despite worsening protests against
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5 thoughts on “War Games And Vaccine Agitprop

  1. In contrast to Angela Merkel’s take, as paraphrased on Marketwatch today:

    “German Chancellor Angela Merkel is painting a darkening picture for Europe, as a new surge of COVID-19 grips the eurozone’s largest economy and risks triggering a fresh round of mobility restrictions.

    Merkel has described the scene tied to COVID infections as “worse than anything Germany has experienced so far,” according to a report from Bloomberg News, citing people familiar with comments she made to officials in her Christian Democratic Party recently.”

    1. In NYC, we’ve seen a 37% increase in new cases — from 1,200+ to 1,700+ — in the last 24 hours. Thanksgiving is going to be a disaster for the unvacced.

      1. If it was a disaster only for the unvaccinated, I’d say good riddance (and, yes, some family members of mine are unvaxxed. I like them but…).

        Sadly, this virus is not so cleanly targeted and resurgence put us all at risk, especially if it keeps evolving…

  2. It would be very dangerous for the free world if Russia and China decided to coordinate the invasion of Ukraine and Taiwan at the same time.

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