Record Highs Every Three Days (And More Stock Superlatives)

Record Highs Every Three Days (And More Stock Superlatives)

"Stocks could soar to new heights in the week ahead," someone at CNBC reckoned, as Wall Street looked forward to what could be a sixth consecutive weekly advance. Whether US equities do or don't continue to melt-up or otherwise extend their multi-week "YOLO feast," 2021 will go down as one of the most remarkable years on record. In his latest, Goldman's David Kostin added to a long list of superlatives. The S&P "has made a new high on 30% of trading days YTD, trailing only 1995 as the high
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2 thoughts on “Record Highs Every Three Days (And More Stock Superlatives)

  1. Us spent more faster and monetized it more quickly. A skeptic might suggest that we borrowed more from future growth. I do not really agree. We had a quicker adjustment and stronger bounceback as opposed to others. Good policy and having the reserve currency helped the US the most.

    1. We’re a huge, dysfunctional, pluralistic democracy that tries its best to do the right thing — and, given a little time, mostly succeeds. Controlling the reserve currency is a huge plus — and our fortunate position in that regard is directly correlated to what we have, and continue, to model to the rest of the world.

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