Don’t Kill The Sacred Cash Cow

Don’t Kill The Sacred Cash Cow

It's no secret that the "broad" market isn't very broad. History is replete with examples of extreme market concentration, so there's a sense in which the FAAMG contingent's dominance of the S&P 500 isn't entirely anomalous. Still, it's difficult to escape the feeling on some days that "US equities" is just a polite euphemism for "FAAMG." That's even more true when you endeavor to discover "where the growth is," so to speak. Coming into earnings season, big-tech traded at an extremely ele
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One thought on “Don’t Kill The Sacred Cash Cow

  1. The market is treated with kid gloves when it comes to the Fed or anything else that could have an outsize impact on it and that includes FAAMG. It’s possible that Congress might try to send a signal by making an example of one company (the Metaverse comes to mind), but that would require Republicans and Democrats to come together, something unimaginable these days.

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