‘It’s Come To This’: Beyond The Great Supply Chain Crisis

‘It’s Come To This’: Beyond The Great Supply Chain Crisis

If rates are losing the plot due to the impossibility of mapping the interplay between inflation, growth and monetary policy in an unprecedented macro environment, equity investors may be looking ahead to a time when the fog lifts. Or if they aren't, they should be, according to Goldman. "Rapidly shifting outlooks for inflation and interest rates mean most equity investors should focus on identifying trends that will remain after 'transitory' dynamics have passed," the bank's David Kostin wrot
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4 thoughts on “‘It’s Come To This’: Beyond The Great Supply Chain Crisis

  1. Could there be any correlation between an energy constrained industrial slowdown in China and commodity prices and shipping rates coming down?

    If so, the read through on a return to normalcy might be opposite what’s expected.

  2. Reviewing various econo. blogs etc., it seems a firm case can be made for goods’ demand to have been running well ahead of its historical trends. I’m sure COVID disrupted many a sector but excess demand leading to inflation is also, like, textbook stuff?

    As people run out of money, we ought to have a fairly brutal easing of inflationary pressures… TBC.

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