An $8 Trillion Cliff

An $8 Trillion Cliff

For now, the market is "cool with" policymakers being behind the curve on inflation. That assessment comes from BofA's Michael Hartnett who, in the latest installment of the bank's popular weekly "Flow Show" series, listed several catalysts that might prompt investors to lose their "cool." At some point, Hartnett suggested, central banks will be compelled to catch up to the reality of persistent price pressures. That process (of getting back out in front of inflation) could entail "aggressive"
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2 thoughts on “An $8 Trillion Cliff

  1. H-Man, I think Hartnett is spot on and your right, the broken record keeps playing the same song — inflation is out of control and the only medicine in the cabinet is to jack the rates. I would not be surprised see the Fed meeting in November accelerate tapering. Instead of removing $15B a month, it could be $20B or more to clear the decks to raise the rates.

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