Hot Topics Galore

Hot Topics Galore

Traders will have plenty of data to digest in the new week. A second consecutive lackluster read on hiring in the world's largest economy was accompanied by further evidence of labor market friction and, relatedly, additional signs of wage pressure. Leisure and hospitality hiring underwhelmed again. Apparently, workers want more money to reengage in pandemic-exposed sectors (figure below). Imagine that. August JOLTS are due Tuesday. The numbers will doubtlessly show the acute mismatch betwe
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2 thoughts on “Hot Topics Galore

  1. H-Man, nice job describing a hot market and anything goes depending on your bent. But goodness gracious, it appears there is littlle news to abate rising inflation or stop the march of rates going higher which seem to be joined at the hip.

  2. I’m wondering how workers fired or furloughed for not getting vaccinated will show up in data. I think they are generally not eligible for UE benefits, but will they still show up in initial claims? I would think they will show up in (fewer) net new jobs. Granted this is likely to represent only a fraction of one percent of employees (based on some large hospital employers’ experiences to date) but could still meaningfully affect one or two months of jobs data.

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