In China: Record Coal And Other ‘Relevant’ Events

In China: Record Coal And Other ‘Relevant’ Events

"Competition without innovation is low-level competition and zero-sum competition between vested interest groups," Shi Jianzhong wrote, in a commentary for China's Economic Daily. Who is Shi Jianzhong? Well, Shi is a member of the "expert board" of the State Council’s Anti-Monopoly Commission. And Shi's commentary suggested Beijing should further hasten the pace of legislation aimed at ensuring fair competition in the digital economy. Shi decried "monopolistic activities" by China's largest
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One thought on “In China: Record Coal And Other ‘Relevant’ Events

  1. My first read is usually just your words. A second read is for “between the lines” and what was not said.
    Is this going to be similar to Japan in the early 1990’s, when Japanese and global capital flowed out of the TSE and into the NYSE/NASDAQ? This time around, I am paying attention. In the early 90’s, I was focused on other things…..

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