‘When Markets Shudder’

‘When Markets Shudder’

After some catch-up selling in Asia, markets calmed a bit on Wednesday. Tuesday's rates-driven dramatics served as a rather poignant reminder of how quickly things can go awry when the world's most important stocks are tethered so closely to bond yields and the curve. It was clear from the starting pistol that this week might be a test of tech's resiliency in the face of a burgeoning bond rout. Whether retail investors and sundry dip-buyers will forgive and forget may be largely irrelevant if
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One thought on “‘When Markets Shudder’

  1. Meanwhile, the BOJ bought ETFs for the first time since June on Wednesday. The Topix fell 2%, prompting Kuroda to step in with 70.1 billion yen in stock purchases.

    Who needs a CB Put when you can have a plunge protection team actually buying? What they need to do now is YOLO it by adding buying of single name short dated Calls on all components of the index…

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