Oil And Bonds!

Oil And Bonds!

Oil and bond yields. It was all about oil and bond yields on Tuesday. In a continuation of Monday's trade, tech struggled as bonds sold off, undercutting the broader market in the process. Time and again, we're left to ask whether markets are capable of moving higher when tech struggles. Note that even in locales where tech doesn't dominate the way it does stateside, the link with bonds is difficult to escape. "Europe lacks big FANG stocks and tech is 8% of the Stoxx 600 versus ~28% in the S&
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4 thoughts on “Oil And Bonds!

  1. Not just oil but coal as well.

    In a hit to team “transient” rolling blackouts in China and curtailments of industry speak to ongoing “supply chain disruptions” and price pressures.

  2. Since the end of 2017, it has been useful to pay attentiion to a 30bp move in real 10-year Tips yields from a 3m recent trough. When 30bps threshold is reached, risky assets, read stocks, struggle to cope. I would also opine that not signaling immediate taper at the Sept meeting is going down as mistake, because that would have constrained the long end, and caused a flattening move as yields sub 5-year spiked,

  3. what happened to the days when the US shale drillers were the “swing producers?” … did they all go bankrupt ?
    Weren’t they supposed to be profitable at $40-$50 oil? … just curious …

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