(More) Help Wanted

(More) Help Wanted

Job openings in the world's largest economy hit a new record high in June, closely-watched data out Monday showed. There were 10.073 million openings on the last day of the month, an increase of 590,000 (figure below). The headline figure dwarfed estimates. Consensus was looking for 9.27 million. Notable jumps occurred in professional and business services (+227,000), retail trade (+133,000) and, of course, accommodation and food services (+121,000), where pervasive labor frictions have cur
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    1. I do find it amusing at times of the use of ‘socialism’ in the US as a scare word , a bogey man/woman,,,
      Globally, the vast majority of social democracies have populations which enjoy longer , healthier , happier more equitable existence’s than us poor souls in the USA … if those outcomes are not a sign of a well functioning society with a functioning government… well what is?

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