China’s Slowdown Begins To Slowly Materialize

China’s Slowdown Begins To Slowly Materialize

Perhaps unsurprisingly, China's export growth decelerated in July, data out Saturday showed. The spread of the Delta variant globally and associated containment measures are expected to weigh on external demand. Throw in a challenging comp and the numbers are likely to betray a slowdown. Indeed, export order components of recent PMIs printed in contraction territory. It's thus no surprise that exports grew "just" 19.3% last month (figure below). The market wanted 20%. The range of estimates fr
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One thought on “China’s Slowdown Begins To Slowly Materialize

  1. And yet the CNY to USD conversion has been really tricky these past 18 months.
    “complicated and grim” No S___.
    We may have to start shipping to (horrors!) Africa.
    I can’t wait for this pandemic to be tamed.

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