(Another) Weekend At Berkshire’s

(Another) Weekend At Berkshire’s

I say it every quarter: They always sneak up on me. "They" means Berkshire weekends. As even casual readers can readily surmise, I don't generally care what any industry "legends" have to say, nor do I bother myself with what they were (or weren't) buying (or selling) last quarter. Have you ever been to a party and experienced an acute sense of dread when you realize that one of the other invitees is about to start singing or, worse, playing a string instrument they brought along? If so, you
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2 thoughts on “(Another) Weekend At Berkshire’s

  1. For those who want to invest like Buffett and get something you can’t get from Berkshire (a dividend), take a look at BIF, a closed-end fund that focuses on owning Berkshire stock, as well as some related entities. It pays a 3% dividend and has risen from about $9.50 to nearly $14 in the past 12 months. Most of the stock in this fund is held by the founder (or at least it was) who keeps the price at a slight discount to the net asset value. The cheapest way there is to get access to Buffet’s company and earn a dividend to boot. Info can be had at: https://seekingalpha.com/symbol/BIF

  2. I’ve read a couple articles that suggest that maybe Buffet has learned something about buybacks from Tim Cook at Apple. If so, the buybacks will continue until he finds his whale to harpoon. It does make more sense than making big acquisitions that destroy value as many CEOs do.

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