Maybe It’s Not ‘Transitory.’ Let’s Try ‘Tolerable’

Maybe It’s Not ‘Transitory.’ Let’s Try ‘Tolerable’

Slower deliveries, labor constraints, input cost pressures, shortages of key materials and generalized logistical challenges continue to "impact" the "continuity of supply." That was the broad strokes takeaway from the latest set of quantified anecdotes (as I've taken to describing PMIs) detailing the state of the US services sector which, at least according to private sector payrolls data out Wednesday, hired at a much slower pace last month. ISM services printed a cartoonish 64.1 for July, t
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4 thoughts on “Maybe It’s Not ‘Transitory.’ Let’s Try ‘Tolerable’

  1. Supply disruptions do look likely to endure… if for no other reason than this stupid COVID pandemic refuses to die… Could businesses appeal to Republicans? “Guys, your refusal to get vaccinated is hurting our businesses! You’re the pro-business people, right?”

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