When Oracles Lie

When Oracles Lie

If I hear the term "false optic" from smart people a few more times, I'm going to start feeling smart myself. Historically, that's perilous, by the way. Hubris is famous for creating asymmetrical downside risks vis-à-vis life outcomes, but in my case, it doesn't just bode poorly -- it usually presages outright disaster. As a superstitious precaution, I temper my penchant for arrogance with self-deprecating humor. And whenever I start feeling smart, I re-read some classic novel or famous philos
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2 thoughts on “When Oracles Lie

  1. I hate it when smart people don’t seem to know what is happening or about to happen (in the equity markets)- usually means a lot of volatility- which can be upsetting to live through!

    However, as a country, we are at 70% of adults vaccinated, plus every day, a few more corporations announce they are mandating worker vaccines. The latest was Tyson. Even the Pentagon is getting in on the action, they announced that the Army awarded Pfizer a $3.5B contract to make 500M doses of the vaccine, to distribute around the world.

    I would be pretty happy if we get to December 31….and my YTD gains have remained intact.

    1. I, too, would take what I’ve got for the year. And 70% g=have one shot, but only about 50% fully vaccinated and here in MO half the state is only 35% vaccinated and the hospitals are stuffed with new victims. Even in KC where nearly half of us are fully vaccinated, we just got a new mask mandate. It’s not over til it’s over, and it’s not yet over.

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