Spare Change, Big Numbers

Spare Change, Big Numbers

There's $4.49 trillion in dry power sitting mostly idle in money market funds. That pile of "sideline cash" is a fixture of any generic bull case. Toss in an acronym or two (e.g., "TINA") and you're an honorary analyst. But just in case deeply negative real rates aren't enough to coax every last penny of those trillions off the sidelines and into equities, Robinhood is working on a new feature that will let its product customers invest their literal pennies. The spare change plan would be call
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5 thoughts on “Spare Change, Big Numbers

  1. That is a shockingly low pass rate for the CFA level 1. Wouldn’t the pandemic have given candidates more, not less, time to study?

    The big tech results are less interesting than the stock reaction to said results. For the most part, there are not a lot of read-throughs to macro or other companies, except the AAPL supply chain.

  2. Apple “shar[ed] powerful new products with users, at a time when using technology to connect people everywhere has never been more important.”

    What if I don’t want to connect to people everywhere? Can I opt out?

    Connecting people everywhere is why I no longer have a shred of privacy. I have become a product. This box of Wheaties wants a new social contract.

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