There's quite a bit to process in the new week. The July Fed meeting presents something of a communications challenge. Obviously, no actual policy change is in the offing and nothing definitive is expected, but traders will need to summon their inner tasseographer. Policy is at an awkward juncture, meaning every turn of phrase is potentially market-moving. That probably sounds overwrought, but remember, communications missteps are often just as important as deliberate attempts to guide the mar
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4 thoughts on “Divination

  1. Being tricked into making an objectively dangerous decision about your own health by misinformation isn’t liberty. It’s just gullibility. If I convince you that Vitamin C will turn you into a frog and you end up with scurvy, that outcome doesn’t represent the triumph of liberty. It represents the triumph of stupidity.

    Yes but but but… isn’t life also supposed to be a learning experience and, if not survival of the fittest in all its gory glory at least some kind of selecting or at least rewarding good decision making?

    I support curtailing/arresting/charging the dozen of people apparently responsible for the majority of the vaccine misinformation. A dozen crooks is a very manageable number and I feel we’re very lucky the fount of bad info is so concentrated in that case… but I also want those gullible people to suffer a cost for their idiocy as a way to educate them and teach them to trust authorities, however fallible and imperfect they sometimes are.

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