Death & Life In Utopia For The Stupid (A Flashback)

Entertaining the counterfactual reality that reflects the future as a neoliberal utopia of permissiveness, by allowing for its virtual triumph and applying its patterns and rules to situations where they do not belong, should be done based on the same foundations of confused contexts and argued with the same logic as the ideology itself. — Read more from NOTES FROM DISGRACELAND and follow on Twitter 19. VII 2021 The rational is always the rationality of an irrational (Fèlix Guattari) If

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12 thoughts on “Death & Life In Utopia For The Stupid (A Flashback)

  1. What about extremely weatlhy non-conforming assholes in this theoretical world ?

    Wouldn’t their riches still allow them to color outside the lines of society and hire protectors and hit-men to do their dirty work, and also take the fall if need be (much like today) ?

  2. Many robust and hardy, well nourished individuals choose not to operate within the restrictions of context en masse alongside ilk as a collective mechanized group hell bent to hinder the march toward the perceived fatal threat against their symbiotic host. A reflection with teeth.

  3. Maybe we start with legalizing drugs, which might actually reduce the desire to have/carry a gun.
    Almost half of our US prison population of about 2M are drug trafficking/possession offenses.
    About 20% of prisoners had a gun in their possession when arrested, but only 5% used it. These statistics are difficult to come by, but I believe these to be fairly accurate.

  4. For the same reason that compulsive eating and obesity are increasingly becoming the norm even though no one thinks that obesity is the ideal. Accepting murder as the norm would not drive down the number of victims. It would paralyze society. The vast majority of people would be terrorized by the brutal. How do you send your kids to school when they are supposed to be carrying? Ain’t going to happen.

  5. Advocating gunfights at high noon are we?
    Nature passes thru chaos to seek balance……pleasuring the greatest number of people diverts attentions to fantasies…….morality only applies if you get caught.

    Your article reminds me of Philip K Dick quote……not sure why…..I had a Charlie Manson one ready to type….”I had experienced an invasion of my mind by transcendentally rational mind, as if I had been insane all my life, and suddenly, I had become sane.”

      1. I was just kidding! A ‘smart’ gun will get hacked, and soon innocent people will be imprisoned for crimes they didn’t commit… entire new genre of hacker will arise! A legalized purging, murderer’s run rampant……then the quiet period……the thrill is gone….right?

        Having delved into the minds of serial killers for my upcoming book I find they are not as much of an aberration as you might think. Killing releases chemicals, those from the very core of the reptilian brains, when survival depended on killing. It is the ultimate high for those with no conscience. A fair number of Viet Nam soldiers, the ones not sickened by death, liked it, looked forward to it.

        You posit an interesting approach in your article, and indeed the social taboo aspect is spot on. I am not so sure it ends well. Serial killers only get caught by ‘miscalculation’…….and not one I studied ever professed one milliliter of remorse.

        ps) Thanks for the Slavoj reference…..I am going to rephrase one of my characters words.

  6. “ doing evil is a mistake in calculation, not a guilty act” most of us assume there is a moral imperative at play.
    Most herd animals do not have a brain that leads them so far astray as humans.

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