Technocrats And Their Deliberations

Technocrats And Their Deliberations

Why did a handful of technocrats raise their projection for where the panel on which they sit will set the price of money two years from now from near zero to a level that's slightly higher than, but still very close to, zero? Read that again. If it sounds like an esoteric debate that virtually nobody should care about, that's because it is. But the key word there is "should." The Fed's dot plot is, by Jerome Powell's own admission, mostly useless. Of course, he doesn't use the term "useless."
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2 thoughts on “Technocrats And Their Deliberations

    1. Exactly. The Fed is just too worried about the “It’s my right ….. ” market contingent. It’s nobody’s right to have the market at a 30% premium to rationality with profitless firms having $50 bil market caps. Come on. man!

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