Drizzle, Drudgery And Drugs

I'd say nobody cared about the June vintage of the Dallas Fed survey but... Actually, there's no "but." Nobody cared. It's a Monday in June. "Summer Mondays have their own defined character in the Treasury market and, if anything, they make the best case for the four-day work week – with an early close," BMO's Ian Lyngen and Ben Jeffery quipped. For what it's worth, Monday's lone data release was a miss, at least on the headline. Dallas Fed printed 31.1, down from 34.9 and shy of consensus

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2 thoughts on “Drizzle, Drudgery And Drugs

  1. Are the manufacturers complaining about a shortage of applicants or a shortage of skilled applicants capable of doing the work ? If we have a broad-based shortage of skilled workers we need an expanded training system to up the supply.

  2. Maybe there’s more to modern American infrastructure than roads and bridges if we can’t field a sober workforce with the right skills and offer a living wage for their services. There’s a lot more impeding a robust economy and GDP growth in this country than the lingering effects from a pandemic. Covid, in a weird way, has given us a reprieve from looking clearly into the mirror.

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