Tapping The Brakes

Tapping The Brakes

If you're driving down a US highway in the left lane at a "respectable" speed (nobody does the speed limit in the left lane, so if you're going to stay over there, common courtesy dictates that you keep it roughly eight mph above the posted limit), it's not generally advisable to "tap the brakes" if the driver behind you refuses to keep a safe distance from your bumper. In cases like that, it's best to just accelerate briefly, put on your signal and move to the right lane. That's exceedingly h
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6 thoughts on “Tapping The Brakes

  1. At a speed limit of 75 mph in my Mazda 3 I feel I’m going fast enough. I’ve noticed that I can set my cruise control for 72 and still pass vehicles we’re going slower on the right. Mostly those professional drivers mind you. My car at 72 or 75 mph already makes so much noise I have to put ear plugs on to avoid ringing in my ears for 3 days after. But then I’m becoming that old slow driver who doesn’t care how fast I get there. But then I have not invested in OEM tires as suggested by my nephew who used to work for a tire manufacturer. I have been buying my tires at Walmart.

  2. I go six or seven mph above the limit in the left lane but I don’t tap the brakes anymore with someone too stupid to pass me I just move over briefly. These days people will get out a gun and shoot if you are a tapper. I used to flash my lights at folks who insist on driving 75 with no lights at night until my daughter told me that in KC one of the gang initiation activities is to drive around without lights and when the car gets flashed, the prospective new gang guy is supposed to shoot into the car that did the flashing. Nice huh?

    1. With all due respect, why are you driving in the left lane in the first place? It’s designed to be a passing lane. If you’re not passing anyone you should be in the right lane regardless of speed.

  3. I’ve always wanted to install a light board in my rear window so I could send messages to people behind me.

    And yeah, my small cap/value/inflation centered portfolio is begging the ref to end the match.

  4. One night in a terrible blizzard, I made the mistake of deciding to drive over one more mountain pass so that I could get home. I could not see the road but I had snow tires, a heavy car and xenon headlights. I drove slowly behind a semi that was equipped with chains on all tires, as required by law. I kept my flashers on in what were almost white out conditions so that other cars could see me and I swore that if I made it home, I would never attempt anything so foolish again.
    Cars were passing on my left (going way too fast for conditions) and there was a lot of slipping going on. Half way down the pass, a pickup truck behind me lost control, spun out and took out several cars. I was part of that wreckage, even though I was being cautious.
    My mistake was that I thought my responsible behavior would protect me even though I was in a treacherous situation.
    I hope this is not an allegory for my investments in the S&P 500.

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