Cashing Out

Cashing Out

"Thanks for everything, but I'll be leaving now. I'm a crypto magnate." Is what Aziz McMahon, Goldman’s (former) managing director and head of emerging market sales in London, said, as he walked away from the bank after making a fortune in Ether and Dogecoin. That's not an actual quote. I have no idea how McMahon explained the situation to Goldman. But it's a real story. According to a trio of former employees and colleagues who spoke to CNBC, McMahon made around £10 million on crypto bets
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  1. Colonial Pipeline, and the rest of corporate America, is going to have to figure out something vis-a-vis these hackers.

    This situation is getting embarrassing.

    Who knows, they might have to do the unthinkable and take certain servers off the Internet.

    It seems that no firewall is good enough.

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