Hot Takes

Hot Takes

Copper hit another record and iron ore surged, as the commodities rally rolled on to start the new week. The 10% jump in iron ore futures took 2021 gains to some 40%. One analyst who spoke to Bloomberg Television Monday said simply: "[The sector] is very, very hot." Commodity-linked shares were buoyant. Australian equities hit a record and the Stoxx 600 Basic Resources index flirted with its best levels in a decade. This type of price action continues to feed the inflation narrative, even a
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4 thoughts on “Hot Takes

  1. Our country, especially our military, is not prepared for cyber threats. Old school military people, who run our military, may not even understand the threat, let alone understand what we need to do as a country to defend the US against such attacks.
    Change your passwords even more frequently than you do- especially on your financial accounts. Some days, I am more worried about my accounts being hacked than I am about a (temporary) market correction.

    1. This is what I’m thinking too. We sure gotta keep the Pentagon budget pumped up with fancy new fighter jets, battle ships, and high-tech gear while small groups of people sitting at their computers will bring us to our knees.
      And it seems to me no one is doing much of anything about it

  2. Another kind of hot take – remember the minimum wage debate? And conservative positioning around raising it? “Well, if we let it drift up a dollar a decade, then the world might not end.” ?

    I love the Chipotle announcement this morn. Reading between the lines, the conservative positioning in the C-Suite just shifted to “Holy cr*p, we can’t open any new restaurants and rev is gonna be capped to declining due to staffing!” Suddenly, $15/hr is “achievable” in 30 days, with bonuses if you bring your buddy in, too. Economic disaster must be looming; where’s Mitch McConnell when you need him?!

  3. No one can predict the future. However economists and talking heads on financial news media are trying to do this all the time.

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