Stimmy! And Leon, The ‘Fully Invested Bear’

Stimmy! And Leon, The ‘Fully Invested Bear’

Did you get your "stimmy?" Some folks sure did. Personal incomes rose 21.1% in March, the most ever, after a 7% slump in February (figure below). The monumental jump was, of course, expected. Consensus was looking for a 20.2% rise. The range, from more than five-dozen economists, was 10% to 22.5%. "The increase in personal income in March largely reflected an increase in government social benefits," the BEA said Friday. Personal spending rose 4.2%, essentially in-line. The numbers weren't
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One thought on “Stimmy! And Leon, The ‘Fully Invested Bear’

  1. It will be interesting to see if a higher capital gain tax actually generates more tax revenue.
    It might result in “not selling” behavior.
    Having spent part of my career as a tax accountant- I have no doubt that loopholes regarding estate tax, carried interest and step-up upon death will remain for those who can afford to hire the necessary army of tax accountants and lawyers.

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