Politics As A Suicide Cult

Everything has always been about revenge. That is his curse, but, at this political moment, also his magic, his secret sauce, and the point of resonance with his base. Exacting revenge has become the sole purpose and philosophy of both the leader and his following. It is the backbone of their shared social identity. Read more from NOTES FROM DISGRACELAND and follow on Twitter 25 IV 2021 The way out of a room is not through the door. Just don’t want out. And you’re free. (Charles Manson)

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6 thoughts on “Politics As A Suicide Cult

  1. This brilliant essay also reminded me of two other great works from the intellectual heritage of humanity: Roland Barthes’ essay on professional wrestling (it’s not a coincidence that the former president moonlighted in this arena), and Guy Debord’s situationist book “The Society of the Spectacle”. Does anyone even read any longer? Post-war culture was astonishingly intellectual compared to the present day.

  2. Thank you H for introducing me to Bjarne Knausgard and his wonderfullly thought provocative written work. I am absolutely blown away several times a year, and keep repeating the carefully researched and constructed chapters of the themes he lays out over and over again in my head. This one seems destined for a particularly heavy duty cycle of that…

    1. The complexity of the writing is fantastic- definitely a “read twice” post. The potential for life long damage to those living in the circle of a narcissist is quite high. In public and in private.

  3. same.
    Incredibly profound and always, always right on point.
    Thanks a lot for posting these gems Mr. H., much appreciated.

    fwiw I would also like to recommend the disgraceland article “Deresponsibilization and the Politics of Escape”, 31.V 2020.
    I urge anyone who has not yet read it to do so immediately.

  4. H

    Thanks for posting this piece and introducing me to the series. I am on the mailing list and read this a couple weeks ago. One of the better entries. Every time I read one of these I go grab my copy of Emerson’s Essays and plow into one of those to see if I still can. I wish all of this series was available as a bound volume.

  5. I spend a lot of time reading online and off. Not all that time spent is rewarding. This piece delivers.

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