Mixed Or Muted

Mixed Or Muted

Sentiment was mixed or muted (pick your favorite nebulous adjective) to kick off a week with the potential to be interesting -- or not. We tend to hype Fed weeks irrespective of whether any policy shift or guidance tweak is in the offing. Neither is coming at the April meeting. It'll be a non-event, almost surely. But there's no paucity of data this week, and with India's burgeoning crisis on the radar and the debate around how to fund (or not fund) Joe Biden's fiscal measures set to heat up i
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One thought on “Mixed Or Muted

  1. I would not “invest” in Chinese securities for the same reasons I do not invest in Bitcoin. The governments can change the underlying rules at anytime and overnight, I could have something significant taken away from me.
    The government can also take something away from me related to traditional equities-but I am less worried about waking up one morning and finding out the government has changed the ground rules in such a way that I have been significantly harmed overnight.

    It is hard to be in an arena where I see the “ground rules” from the viewpoint of a “traditional” investor and others (I have no idea how many) are in the same arena, as “gamblers”, looking to make quick, outsized returns. If I don’t want to gamble, I go to a different playground.

    Wo wanquan tongyi ni de kanfa.

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