‘They Called Me Mad!’ Bears And ‘Lunatic Ideas’

‘They Called Me Mad!’ Bears And ‘Lunatic Ideas’

Lately, it feels like someone utters a variation of the following phrase nearly every single day: "Like everyone else, we hope for the best, but..." That's always a preamble to cautionary remarks, usually about equities. And nobody will blame you for being cautious. Or, actually, they might. It depends on who you are. If you're a pundit of some sort, you're free to be as circumspect as you like. If you're managing money (yours or anyone else's) watching stocks run away from you is perilous. Th
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One thought on “‘They Called Me Mad!’ Bears And ‘Lunatic Ideas’

  1. “There may be no greater risk for investors right now than underestimating just how powerful the trio of economic reopening, deficit spending and committed Fed policy are,” Macro Risk Advisors’ Dean Curnutt remarked, in a note.

    Sure, he may be proven right about the economy. But it is so old-fashioned to suggest that there is any link between the economy (Maine Street) and the stock market (Wall Street).

    All that matters are the flows you highlight and volatility levels. And buy-backs, which are sneaking back. The other stuff is just filler.

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