Hyperinflation Postponed In US

Hyperinflation Postponed In US

If a relatively bland inflation print was desirable for market participants concerned about the possibility of an imminent surge in prices, February's US CPI report delivered. The headline gauge rose 0.4% MoM, in line with consensus. At 1.7%, the YoY print also matched expectations. Concerns are growing that ultra-accommodative monetary policy and extreme fiscal largesse are a combustible combination that could eventually lead to sharply higher consumer prices, leaving the Fed behind the curve
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9 thoughts on “Hyperinflation Postponed In US

  1. I got 2 estimates to fix my roof in the middle of January. I’m pulling the trigger now and both estimates have gone up by over 10% in the intervening 7 or so weeks.

    Good thing plane tickets are cheaper…

    1. Well, I mean you’re comparing prices in the hottest market on the planet (the US housing market) with those in the coldest (air travel). So, yes, there will be a pretty stark juxtaposition there.

      1. I chose plane tickets because it’s laughable, but in reality where do I pick up any savings?

        Groceries? Nope. Gas? Nope. Utilities bills? Nope. Even my streaming services are going up. I suppose if I were in the market for a used car… but mine is still fine and I’m glad that it is. If I were in the market for one I might pay a little less for it it, but it would still be an unwelcome expense.

        My expenses are rising at a rate that is higher than .4% month over month and while this may not be true for many or most it certainly doesn’t feel good.

  2. A bit of a reality check on the widely accepted inflation narrative:

    “The stimulus money isn’t going to be spent, Bank of America says”

    But analysts live in a rarified world where everyone has cash to burn and two Peletons.

    1. The truth is that, even if a goodly portion of it is spent, it’s a one time sugar boost. The multiple would have to be “tremendous” for it to mean anything beyond a couple of quarters (for the consumer/tax payer/employee support portion).

  3. Roofing material is oilbased and supply houses pass prices to contractors very quickly. I had hopes for Airlines but this is the worst time for fuel costs to rise for them. Hurry up and buy those tickets as they will be less inclined to renegotiate as your roofer has.

  4. Regarding the exception of shelter, hedonic adjustment will keep inflation for this category in check.

    When the price of shelter increases, consumers substitute it for a tent in a park. The shelter component of the CPI will actually decrease for some consumers while they still enjoy the benefits of shelter.

  5. Hyperinflation is probably different this time, and as some may recall, “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” Heraclitus

    See WIKI: “The DJIA closed at a record 18,312 on May 19, 2015[8] before slowly falling to a low of 17,504 and then partially recovering to its secondary closing peak of 18,102 on July 16.[9][10]
    The stock market slowly slid thereafter, reaching a low of 17,403. The NASDAQ Composite peaked on July 17, 2015 at 5,219. Apple Inc.’s stock peaked at $133.00 on February 20, 2015, reached $132.37 on July 20, 2015 and slid to $105 by August 21, 2015.[11]”

    Ponder: FRED swap rate spreads and 10 yr treasury:: https://fred.stlouisfed.org/graph/?g=BQ4X

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